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La Mai Coffee is imported into New Zealand by Bright Hope World / Global Hope.

Bright Hope World is a private, Christian based, humanitarian organisation based in New Zealand. It has listed charitable status with the New Zealand government. 

Bright Hope World was started in the nineties by Rob and Heather Purdue in Christchurch. Rob was a businessman and specialised in financial management and property investment.

However, a trip to Fiji for a week to work with poor, tribal people changed his life. It stirred a passion for helping the less fortunate.

For 25 years Rob had helped with well known charities and got involved himself in cross-cultural mission work. But something wasn’t quite right. He watched with concern the increasing amount of money going into overheads and administration, the inappropriate delivery of aid and relief, the waste of resources, and the lack of real partnership. He made a decision to start something different.

Bright Hope World was launched in 1992 as a low cost, grass roots organisation based on partnerships with indigenous people living in the poorest areas of the world.

"We are unashamedly field driven. The needs of our partners come first. That is our core value as a mission", Rob Purdue

Today Bright Hope World is established in over 20 countries, directly impacting over 5,000 families, has over 3,000 orphaned and vulnerable children being cared for and educated and indirectly touches more than 40,000 people per year.

Bright Hope World is committed to helping those living in extreme poverty, who earn less than $1 a day.

We do this by focusing on Sustainable Development, Christian Community, and Relief In Crisis.

We are committed to using donations as cost effectively as possible. We do this out of respect for the poor, it is their right to get as much as possible and our responsibility to deliver as much as possible. This is achieved through partnerships based on mutual trust and integrity and on the basis of clear understandings. These understandings are usually revisited and re-established annually.

Bright Hope World prefers to use the term partnership, rather than project. We understand that most people engage on a project basis, but we try not to be picky over the use of a word. To us, partnership indicates a long term engagement and friendship between the partners. We do not go into a place looking for something to do, we go into a place looking for someone who is doing something good, and we develop a relationship that sometimes emerges into an agreement to share resources.

In our partnerships we:

  • Assist families, widows and orphaned children
  • Encourage people to be independent
  • Support the initiatives of local churches and leaders
  • Are financially accountable
  • Respect and honour local leadership
  • Visit regularly
  • Support the leaders as well as the project
  • Attempt to have strong friendships with key people
  • Deal with a group of leaders, not just an individual

To find out more about Bright Hope World visit our website.